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Disney Magic and Miracles abound from guests and the magic makers themselves in this fourth book of the Positively Disney Book series.

Hear from the man who became Mickey Mouse.

Learn how a life-saving donor was discovered during a Walt Disney World vacation.

Find out how they “made it” as animators, imagineers with the Walt Disney company.

Discover Disney though the eyes of the original Tinker Bell and a Mousketeer.

Hear how Walt’s presence is still being felt at Disneyland.

What is life like for the man who has visited Disneyland everyday for the last seven years?

These stories and more will capture the hearts of Disney fans everywhere!

What Readers Are Saying...

Honestly you can never go wrong with a Positively Disney book. Kimberley writes in such a familiar way that almost like reading a letter from a friend. She has a great way of mixing the story being told with some fun Disney trivia, with stories that will make you smile, feel nostalgia, or cry good tears. I always recommend her books and this is another great addition.

-Anonymous Kindle Customer

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