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The Disney magic continues in this jam-packed collection of stories from guests, cast members and Disney artists around the world.

Hear the story of the young blind man meeting Mickey. Learn about Disney artist Kevin-John.

See how a friendship was forged with an astronaut!

Learn of the special friendship between a little girl and Gaston. Hear from WDW Radio’s Lou Mongelo.

All of these and more await you in this second book in the Positively Disney series!

What Readers Are Saying...

Filled with wonder, encouragement, hope and yes- magic. What a wonderful compilation of stories by Kimberley in her second book of Positively Disney. Every story unveils our human desire to serve and to make a difference in the lives of others. I have no doubt that Kimberley must have enjoyed every interview and moment spent with each story teller. Her ability to listen attentively and pull out the hidden gems and treasures is obvious as she has once again passed along and shared her magic by giving us more Positively Disney.

-Steve Duke

Kim has done it again with this new collection of stories. I think everyone has a heartwarming story about how Disney has impacted their lives. We are fortunate that Kim has found these stories and published them to share with the world. My son Daniel, who has autism, has been a Disney expert for 22 years and reading Kim's collection brings me back to the special times when Disney moments have pulled him out of his world into ours.

-Lisa Lahaie

Well written, second in the series. As good as the first book was, I think this was even better. Kimberley draws you into the story. If you are a Disney fan and understand the magic that happens through and by Disney, buy this book now. Chock-full of uplifting stories sure to touch your heart.


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